Monthly Archives: February 2009

Eric Great SoundCloud support in blogging tool Posterous

It’s nice to see how smoothly the smart (micro)-blogging tool Posterous integrates with SoundCloud. If you’re on a SoundCloud track page (or any other page with SoundCloud tracks embedded for that matter) you can use the Posterous bookmarklet so post SoundCloud tracks on your blog in literally one click!

Here’s how it looks when you click the bookmarklet on a SoundCloud track page:


And then after clicking “Post” the track is immediately published on your blog:


Very slick, we like! Great for all you music bloggers out there!

Eric New feature: Replace already uploaded tracks

We’ve just launched a small, but sometimes very useful feature on SoundCloud. It’s a new button on the edit-pages tracks that says “Replace this audio file”. Clicking it will bring up a file picker just like you would expect, so that you can upload a new version of a file you already uploaded. Very handy if you discover a glitch in the file you uploaded, or maybe you found that uncompressed version of a track you previously only uploaded in mp3 format.

The timed comments will stay at the same position as they did before, so keep this in mind and avoid uploading tracks with a different length. Replacing a track does not count as a file upload and won’t reduce your upload quota.

Eric Motion! Video support now on SoundCloud

We’ve just added basic video support for SoundCloud. It’s quite simple: You can enter a link to a video in the edit screen for a track. You can of course enter any link, but if the link is either a link to Vimeo, Google Video, Youtube, or Viddler, we will display a button that will open a nice inline video player so that people can watch the video directly in the track page.

It’s really slick, especially if you upload HD video to Vimeo and buy yourself a Vimeo Plus account. Check out a video for one of my tracks, City Ports, for example.

With that, the SoundCloud teams wishes you all a nice weekend!