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Amir Shaikh Hear what’s happening: the new Explore


We’re always excited to help you find the latest and greatest new music & audio on SoundCloud. Today, it gets even easier to hear what’s happening in the SoundCloud community: we’ve released the new Explore feature on the web and our Android app.


Explore provides a new way to discover trending music & audio, with multiple feeds of the freshest content. ‘Trending Music’ and ‘Trending Audio’ are new tracks that people are playing, liking and reposting on SoundCloud (they could be tomorrow’s big hits). You can also browse to see what’s popular and fresh in your favorite genres. On Android, you can click play once and Explore takes it from there, with new tracks queued up by our system, based on their similarity to the first track you played.


Explore is great for creators, too: it’s a new way for your track to get heard by an even bigger audience. If one of your tracks is getting lots of attention, there’s a chance our algorithm will incorporate it into one or more Explore feeds.

Stay tuned for further updates: we’re working on building great ways to discover new music & audio across all SoundCloud platforms, for all of our users. In the meantime, check out the new Explore feature on the web, or download the SoundCloud app for Android.

Amir Shaikh New For You: Even More Control

You told us that you wanted to have more control when you’re playing music & audio on SoundCloud. We heard you. Which is why today we’re rolling out our brand-new play controls across


You’ll find them in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Pause play, skip to the next sound, go back to the previous one to play again — hey, sometimes you just have to hear an amazing song twice in a row. (Or thirty times in a row. No judgement.)


We’ve also added play history. Want to get back to that great song or podcast that you heard at random while you were running SoundCloud in the background? Simple. Use the ‘previous’ function to travel back in time through what you’ve been playing in your current session on SoundCloud.

Plus, try clicking on the title of what you’re currently playing: it will take you straight to the play page so you can access the waveform and comments.

Let us know what you think of the new play controls: leave a note in the comments, or drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook. We’re working every day to build you a better SoundCloud — and we love to get your input.