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Ben No kidding, SoundCloud just got funnier

The jokes are on us: this is a big week for comedy on SoundCloud.

First, we’re pleased to announce that we’re launching a slate of five new comedy Pro Partners. Our new Pro Partners follow in the footsteps of The Nerdist and Kevin Smith’s SModCO, who’ve been with us since we launched Pro at South By Southwest.



Who’s in the new crew? There’s Earwolf, a comedy network featuring top celebrity guests from the stand-up world and beyond. The Bugle, starring John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, the transatlantic region’s leading bi-continental satirical double-act. The comedian-owned All Things Comedy Network. Laughspin, a weekly comedy news and feature wrap-up, straight out of New Jersey. And Splitsider, which gathers up some of the best comedy podcasts out there for your listening pleasure.

That’s just the beginning of the hilarity: we’re also excited to say that Comedy Central has now joined us as a new partner on SoundCloud. Hear what they’re serving up.

And if you prefer to tell your own jokes, we have good news for you, too. We’re all about making it possible for anyone to create and share audio, which is why we have one more collaboration to tell you about: we’re also partnering with the BBC for BBC Radio’s New Comedy Award, a nationwide search to find the best new stand-up talent in the UK. Upload your entry and make the world LOL.

Luke World Radio Day

Happy World Radio Day! Sponsored by UNESCO, WRD is an occasion to celebrate radio as a medium, and we’re super excited to be joining in the festivities that are going on all around the globe.

Hear UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon kick things off with his very personal message about the role that radio played in his young life: ‘Radio helped open my eyes and ears to the world.”

Radio’s evolved rapidly in the digital age: it continues to reach worldwide audiences and help people to stay informed, to connect with each other, to be entertained. And radio can also save lives: even in the most extreme circumstances, it often remains one of the few ways for people to stay in touch with the rest of the world, and for journalists to share important stories.

WRD is truly international. Check out this jingle from Lesotho:

This message from WRD spokesperson and UNESCO Artist for Peace, Danilo Perez:

Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood talking about children’s radio:

And go back in time with this vintage broadcast from Radio Prague:

That’s just a start: there’s so much more to hear. Follow World Radio Day to hear all of the truly amazing radio that UNESCO is sharing from all over the globe today, right in your stream.

Jami SoundCloud and Ableton

Ableton has long been the number one choice for musicians, whether for songwriting, making beats, remixing or live performances. At SoundCloud, we know that many of you depend upon it, indeed many of our team members use it on a regular basis privately (and it’s even been used in a masterclass or two!). It’s therefore with great pleasure to announce that SoundCloud and Ableton, two great Berlin audio companies, have teamed up to give our communities something unprecedented and very, very awesome.

The news? Ableton now comes with SoundCloud sharing baked in – yes, upload straight to SoundCloud. To celebrate, SoundCloud is offering Ableton users 5 months of SoundCloud Pro, for free. You can find the details here. So what does the SoundCloud community get? Ableton has been generous enough to offer the entire SoundCloud community a free copy of Live Lite 8 so that everyone can get started making their own sounds.

(Our free Live Lite offer was only available until the 31st of May, 2012. You can however check out Ableton’s 30 day trial at )

And that’s not all – come May there will be a competition to compose a sound with parts from M83, Junior Boys and Nosaj Thing. Of course, you’ll need Ableton with SoundCloud to enter,  so make sure to update your copy of Ableton to get SoundCloud sharing and if you don’t have it yet, claim your copy today!