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Jane Creating with Constraints: Recomposed


2013 :: Recomposed is the work of Gilles Helsen, a musicologist and sound artist from Geel, Belgium. With a lo-fi voice recorder, Gilles records the sounds of his daily surroundings. “Every single sound is taken from real life and recorded the very same day as I recompose them. In a way, I rewrite a part of my life in music,” he says.

Similar to writing thoughts in a diary every day, Gilles attempts to compose in a quick, spontaneous way. “My collages are the result of a daily, unpretentious and superficial creativity without having the ambition of constructing autonomous and well-organized compositions.”

Gilles finds organizing the recordings into sets on SoundCloud an easy way to revisit previous recordings. “Sets are a good feature to sort my collages by month. The automatic waveform of the SoundCloud player is a simple but welcome graphical representation of my music (which often plays with dynamic contrasts).”

Hear June’s compositions reorganized into new meanings without the use of additional equipment, software or sound clips. Listening with headphones are recommended.

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Jane Creating with Constraints: A Sound Design a Day

SoundCloud creator creating with constraints

Artwork by graphic designer beeple who has collaborated with Kyle to create audio-visual experiments featuring work from both their daily design projects.

Video game sound designer Kyle Vande Slunt has embarked on a challenge of recording a sound and using the raw recording source to add on sound design and musical elements. “I let experimentation naturally evolve,” says Kyle of his daily sound design project.

He started the project in May to get better at field recording and manipulating found objects to create unique sounds.

“It seemed like the best solution to improve several skills all at the same time. I’ve only been doing it for two months and can already see massive, positive changes in a lot of different areas,” says Kyle from his home in Champaign, Illinois.

Hear Kyle share more about why he’s interested in using field recordings to inspire and motivate him to continue flexing his sound design skills in this audio interview.

Enjoy highlights from Kyle’s daily creations from June, featuring sounds of pulling velcro to a dog panting as inspirations to meld additional sound effects together.

This week, we’ll be profiling more creators involved in creating sounds with constraints. Stay tuned on the blog, Tumblr and Twitter.