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Brendan SoundCloud Stats: more detail, more speed

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a completely redesigned Stats page for all SoundCloud users who share their music and audio. Jami’s here to tell you all about it:

  • Free users can view which of their tracks are played, liked, reposted, downloaded, and commented on the most.
  • Pro users can see their top fans on SoundCloud and the countries where their tracks are popular. Reach out to your top fans with SoundCloud messaging to connect and get feedback. You may find you have a fan base halfway around the world – plan your latest release or tour based on where your tracks are being played.
  • With a Pro Unlimited account, you get the above features and can also see the websites, apps, and social networks that people are listening from. Use this data to understand the network you’re a part of – you could find you’ve been written up on a blog or that many people are reposting your tracks on SoundCloud.

Based on your feedback, we’ve significantly streamlined the design. All of your stats are now viewable from one page.

SoundCloud Stats Music Audio Creator

Access your redesigned stats in the drop down menu to get started learning more about who’s playing your sounds.

SoundCloud Stats

Find more details about how to use your stats in the help center. Can’t see your redesigned stats? Please hold tight — we’re rolling the feature out in stages, so if you don’t see it yet, you will soon.


Amir Shaikh Hear what’s happening: the new Explore


We’re always excited to help you find the latest and greatest new music & audio on SoundCloud. Today, it gets even easier to hear what’s happening in the SoundCloud community: we’ve released the new Explore feature on the web and our Android app.


Explore provides a new way to discover trending music & audio, with multiple feeds of the freshest content. ‘Trending Music’ and ‘Trending Audio’ are new tracks that people are playing, liking and reposting on SoundCloud (they could be tomorrow’s big hits). You can also browse to see what’s popular and fresh in your favorite genres. On Android, you can click play once and Explore takes it from there, with new tracks queued up by our system, based on their similarity to the first track you played.


Explore is great for creators, too: it’s a new way for your track to get heard by an even bigger audience. If one of your tracks is getting lots of attention, there’s a chance our algorithm will incorporate it into one or more Explore feeds.

Stay tuned for further updates: we’re working on building great ways to discover new music & audio across all SoundCloud platforms, for all of our users. In the meantime, check out the new Explore feature on the web, or download the SoundCloud app for Android.

Jane Creating with Constraints: A Sound A Day

Billy Mays III

Dedicating 365 days to create and share a piece of sound is no easy feat. Starting today and next week, meet some SoundCloud creators who have dedicated their time to sharing sounds on a daily or weekly rhythm. What they’ve learned is that creating and uploading a piece of work to SoundCloud every day or week has both challenging and rewarding effects.

Billy Mays III creates instrumental music as Infinite Third. Beginning in May 2012, Billy started Daily(Drops) to write a piece of music every day and upload it to SoundCloud.

“I’ve always had this dream of just being secluded somewhere making music every day and this was my way of doing it. Even without the full-on ‘seclusion,’ I found a way to make music every day and that’s all I really wanted out of it,” Billy says.

Daily(Drops) helped him progress as a musician. “I got to get a lot of ideas out of my system and got to experiment with many new techniques that I might not have discovered otherwise. Now that I’ve accomplished one year of daily music, I can be free of the ‘daily’ part and really start to focus on developing these new directions my sound has taken. I’ve also built my discipline with this and feel the strongest I’ve felt yet in terms of being an all-around creator,” Billy says.

Billy encourages taking risks like this to develop your style and sounds: “Be okay with whatever happens. At first, it may feel difficult to truly trust the muse but, over time, it will feel more and more natural to take risks and experiment. The key is realizing that not everything has to be a masterpiece. Some of the most beautiful pieces of art retain an element of rawness. So-called perfectionism can be useful but can also be a detriment to progression.”

Next week, we’ll be profiling more creators in the community who have embarked on the challenge of creating sounds in a disciplined interval of time. Stay tuned on the blog, Tumblr and Twitter.