24 Days, 24 Things

24 Days, 24 Things

Similar things have been done before, albeit a bit slower. Previously it was a 24 hour dotcom (one of our founders was heavily involved…), this time it’s a 24 day start-up (ambiguity intended…). On a similar theme, our friend Tav also seems hooked on the 24 (weeks) thing. So, anyway, we’re just kicking of our first office party to celebrate these 24 hectic days and found it appropriate to jot down a few (you know how many) things that have been making our lives pretty excellent in Berlin. Let’s go!

1. Founded the best music sharing site in the history of the Internet
2. Went through the hustle of getting an internet connection (no, we don’t need a phone…)
3. Rented apartments for everyone. Gotta love the Berlin apartment jungle.
4. Visited and revisited all the great clubs in Berlin
5. Found an office in one of the coolest buildings in Berlin and renovated it into mint (kinda) condition
6. Coded our asses off
7. Hooked up a l33t server environment
8. Mingled at the fashion parties during the Berlin Fashion Week (is still a bit distracting)
9. Maybe got the coolest coder in Berlin to join the company. Check this space for updates.
10. Had great Currywurst at Konnopke’s
11. Eric met a wonderful woman
12. Alex lost his glasses on a dance floor and decided on- and bought new ones in 10 minutes
13. Alex checked in 5 min before take-of and still made it (Tegel we love you)
14. Realised the power of Taxicab-kurzstrecking. As powerful as hyperlinks. The surfing of transportation.
15. Hooked up with some of the hottest musicians in town
16. Released a private alpha
17. Started using the private alpha – it rocks!
17. Launched a blog
18. Made a one million dollar keynote presentation and cashed in
19. Bought super cheap and cool furniture but upgrading to MILK soon
20. Established a small hostel service in our apartments for all our friends
21. Found the ‘Ritual Roasters’ of Europe
22. Hooked up with the nicest lawyer in Berlin
23. Got one of our Swedish coders to move to Berlin a month earlier than planned
24. Found great investors!

Tomorrow is 25, looking forward to it.

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