Eric A Good Week™

This week is both RailsConf and Popkomm in Berlin. It couldn’t be a better combination as we are all pretty much music- and code phreaks at SoundCloud. With a party line-up that includes Sascha Funke, Steve Bug and Richie Hawtin AND a conference line-up featuring Chad Fowler, Jason Hoffmann, and Marcel Molina we couldn’t be happier. Yesterday we had some weissbeers with Jason and David from excellent hosting provider Joyent and some other startups, today we’ll be at RejectConf in the evening, and on thursday at Modeselektors releaseparty.

And last but not least, we released a new and improved iteration of SoundCloud. Now you can has uncompressed AIFF and WAVE uploads (Thanks Jens). And beautiful stats graphs (Thanks Matti!).

Life couldn’t be much better.