Monthly Archives: September 2007

Eric Justus down, Popkomm komin' up

We’ve been very hard at work the last few weeks on the latest private SoundCloud beta, which was released yesterday. Internally we use artist names for our milestones. The last one was Justus, after a certain Justus on Kompakt
So, on to the feature upgrades:

  • A proper signup & invite system
  • You can now reply on timed comments
  • Nice track sharing mode page
  • Tracks can be now be downloaded, if it’s ok for the artist
  • There’s a sweet BPM tapper for tracks
  • Messaging that actually works
  • Better hotlist algorithm + it can be date filtered, thanks to Jens, our SQL guru
  • + 100s of bugfixes…

Yay. I especially dig the BPM tapper. Go ahead and play around with it. And let us know what you think about the new stuff…