Eric 2007-10-05 00:01, Revision 1159


We just deployed new version of SoundCloud, now without ‘beta’ in the url (it’s still beta, however ;). The new version features a lot of small tweaks and bugfixes, and not a whole lot of new features. But things are really cooking in the office now, and it looks like the next release will be quite feature-packed…

  • hey guys, is there a complete feature list to look at, both present and future versions of soundcloud included?
    thanx/ jrp/

  • Please change the text or background color in the blog, its impossible to read the orange-on-grey, grey-on-grey and light grey-on-white :)

  • thanks ;) a major overhaul for this blog is due soonish!

  • wow the office is alot more occupied now. is the fridge finally filled up with some beer at least? :)

  • DDDepressionnn

    There has come winter :(
    It became cold and cloudy!
    Mood very bad :(
    Depression Begins

  • DDDDepressionnnn

    Depression Depression Depression aaaaaaaa
    HEEEEELP :( :( :(
    I hate winter! I want summer!

  • wintervssummer

    I very much love summer :)
    Someone very much loves winter :(
    I Wish to know whom more :)
    For what you love winter?
    For what you love summer? Let’s argue :)