A little something from our gig at SIME07

A little something from our gig at SIME07

I’ve been falling asleep in random places today after a pretty hectic week in Stockholm at the SIME Conference, where we–a bunch of techno boys, video renegades and bad-behaved web geeks–managed to pull off something pretty interesting. We produced a kick-ass song, music video (Hi-res version) and ringtone on stage, all in 48 hours. There were around 1000 attendees at the conference, and quite a few of them shot pictures of the performance, and I’ve been granted permission to show some of the best ones on this blog. So, here we go!

SIME 07 – THE MOVIE from SIME on Vimeo.

The final result. Images by Radon, Music by Le Choix.

Hectic preparations, T-5 minutes. Photo by Eric.

The first panel is on, beats are too. Photo by Henrik.

Le Choix at work on stage. Photo by Matthias.

…And so does the video team from Radon. Photo by Fredrik.

A rather famous Swedish music dude on stage. Photo by Matthias.

A painter is painting the stage live as the conference progresses. Photo by Eric.

I got the 303 tag for my overcoat, which implied I had to change my desktop background. Photo by Eric.

In the end the stage was fully colorized. Photo by Nico.

Then we did a “field recording” for the music video. Movie by Eric.berns.jpg
And in the end Le Choix and Radon got the video and the anthem ready for display on the awards ceremony at Berns. Photo by Matthias.forssalex.jpg
Eric and Alex are all excited about being at such a posh dinner. Photo by Matthias.

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