Squash is the national sport of Sweden!

Squash is the national sport of Sweden!


Our Ruth release is up but we’ve been busy hunting and squashing some more bugs that have been creeping up since…sorry if you had troubles in the last couple of days, we’re working our asses off to make sure everything will run smoothly for christmas. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help if you have any problems…

On the community front, we’re slowly but surely heading to platinum status: 1000. Yes, there’s soon going to be 1000 peeps on SoundCloud! We’re all excited of course, but Alex was so thrilled that he decided to cut his hair as a statement…and he promised to shave his dome if there’s 1000 more users before february! Keep sending these invites people… ;-)

Extra special thanks to my old schoolmate Owain for bringing some of the UK’s finest electronic producers to SoundCloud! We will soon all bounce to the sounds of Luke Solomon , Vince Watson and Rob Mello

We’re about to head to a special Christmas Party organized by the nice folks at Ableton. It’s at the 103 Club and apparently there’s going to be some secret performances so we’re all looking forward to this!

Stay tuned for the new release of the site next week! Among other wonderful things, you’ll be able to ask for a daily or weekly digest e-mail that collects all the notifications you wish to be informed about…

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