Yearly Archives: 2007

Eric Mr. Beyer in Berlin, BarCamp & Web 2 Expo

SoundCloud member Adam Beyer is playing at Berghain tonight, and most of the SoundCloud team will be there…dancing. But before that Alex and Eric are going to drink champagne and watch a proper game of chessboxing.

Tomorrow, some of the SoundClouders will be at BarCamp…hacking.

Next week kicks off with Web 2 Expo in Berlin, where we are participating in a panel hosted by Seedcamp on 1.30pm Monday. Be there…or be not. At SoundCloud we care less about Web 2.0 and more about the needs of musicians and cool labels.

Eric New release! Nearing 500 peeps!

This just in: Cool furniture and a big fat sound system has arrived to the office, and Eric has come home as a broke and broken man from Los Angeles, the hyper city (where he also happened to mingle with some pretty great music dudes). But the big news is that teh site has gotten a rather huge upgrade just now. Among the new features you’ll find:

* Add to favorites (Yay!)
* Tabs everywhere (So that you can filter your dashboard!)
* 24 bit audio file support (That one was a bitch to get right)
* Download tracks directly from the medium large player
* Nicer uploading interface
* You can now browse your fans
* Help pages & tutorials
* Numerous UI tweaks & bugfixes (some serious ones in there!)…

The SoundCloud team hopes that you’ll enjoy your weekend and the new site!

Eric 2007-10-05 00:01, Revision 1159


We just deployed new version of SoundCloud, now without ‘beta’ in the url (it’s still beta, however ;). The new version features a lot of small tweaks and bugfixes, and not a whole lot of new features. But things are really cooking in the office now, and it looks like the next release will be quite feature-packed…