Yearly Archives: 2008

Eric New Feature: Upload and share multiple tracks in one go!

I’m really glad to tell you that after having worked hard on our two top feature requests (uploading multiple tracks at once and privately sharing sets of tracks) we can now announce that it’s live, working, and outright kicking ass. Yes, you can now upload and share multiple tracks in one go on SoundCloud. Super-powerful for if you are doing promotion of new releases (Add artwork and metadata, gather comments, see who played and downloaded), and a big time-saver if you’re uploading multi-track sessions and stuff like that. As usual, you can upload tracks of any length, size, and format.

The way it works is very straightforward. In the uploader, you can now select more than one track. If you do it, a set will created with the tracks you upload, and notifications over both email and on the dashboard will be sent out to all people you share to. Here’s a 1-minute video to show you how it goes:

Also big thanks to Wareika for the great soundtrack for this video. If you have a hot track you’d like us to use for our future screencast, feel free to drop it in Nils’ DropBox.

Eric Buy a Gift For a Special Musician

Give a gift!Today we’re happy to announce that you can now buy a SoundCloud PRO account as a gift for your friends! Starting at €59 for a full-year PRO Light account it’s a great christmas gift! This is how to do it in three easy steps:

  1. Go to the gifts page and pick either a one-year PRO Max, Standard or Light account.
  2. Pay with either Visa, MasterCard or Paypal. Gifts start at €59 for a full year. This winter offer ends 6th of January.
  3. Send the gift code via email or print it on a gift card of your choice. That’s it!

As you see it’s super-simple, and a really nice gift to get as well!

David The Cloud Player

It started as a one-day-hack for Eric needing a playlist feature for a party. Then a couple of weeks back we decided to turn it into something a bit more real. And after a few weekends and some late nights in deep code mode we yesterday reached something we dare to call 1.0. We present to you, The Cloud Player:

The Cloud Player is a web-based music player that let’s you…

  • Find and play all tracks from SoundCloud
  • Save playlists to your Google Account
  • Make smart playlists based on genre, BPM, etc
  • Share your ready-made playlists with your friends
  • Collaborate in making the best playlists ever

It is built by me, Henrik, and Eric using Google App Engine, Python, jQuery, SoundManager 2, Crystal and of course the SoundCloud API. Do you want to contribute? Go ahead and fork from GitHub!