Back for 08!

Back for 08!


Happy new year everybody! The SoundCloud team was scattered all over the world this Christmas, from Tokyo to San Francisco via Stockholm or Geneva, but we’re now back in our Berlin HQ and we’ve just (at 7am…) finished a release dedicated to the one and only Farah. So what are the latest improvements to the Cloud?

  • We moved the whole site to bigger and better servers.
  • The whole messaging system has been reworked and it’s now possible to have nice threaded conversations.
  • You can choose to receive a digest e-mail that condenses a daily or weekly update of all the notifications you want to know about (messages, comments, adds, etc…). You can still choose what, if any, stuff you want to get email notifications about right away.
  • We’ve redesigned the Dashboard a bit, making it cleaner, tighter and generally easier to use.
  • The e-mail system has been improved so you’ll now get mails with direct links that are much easier to read.
  • The pagination is smoother (e.g. after playing all the tracks on a page, the player automatically shifts to the next page and starts playing the tracks there)
  • And, as usual, much more!

We hope you’ll enjoy our Farah release!

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