David YouSendSpaceItWhat?!

Mathangi “MIA”

Hey everyone!

We promised  you a little treat for this release, so head over to the “Upload” or “Your Music” page to check this rocking new feature!

Just like the rebellious Mathangi Arulpragasam (M.I.A) that inspired our new release, we’ve decided to bumrush the current state of things in file sharing: you can now invite people OUTSIDE of SoundCloud to listen or download your private tracks!

Just set your track to “private”, enter your recipient’s e-mail and they’ll get an instant invitation to check out your track. It’s much more faster, reliable and most of all secure than yousendit/sendspace/etc… could ever be. No more, annoying adds, links to copy, slow speeds, upload limits and neverending typing, just write your friend’s e-mail and it’s done! Enjoy this one friends.

Needless to say, we’re preparing some major improvements and features coming up your way. Another gem is soon hitting the site. Hold tight!

  • thank you so much for such a nice feature!!!
    although one thing remains, it would be grat if you could send tracks to individual perons as well after having uploaded the track.

  • @opuswerk glad you like it! You can easily add in people after you’ve uploaded a track, simply by going to the “change track permissions” page for the track. We’re also working on a feature for sending track to individual people privately after it has been uploaded.

  • how about sending zips? would people outside the cloud be able to leave comments??

  • @nitzan you’ll not be able to send the track as a zip, since we also believe that most people will want to listen to the track directly in the browser before deciding to download (or perhaps they prefer not to download the track at all). we’re however working on making it possible to attach additional files to a track with more material, and that could be zip-files, art work, info sheets, and potentially more audio files, too.