David Live from Sónar

Beatport rooftop party
We are at the moment visiting the excellent electronic dance music festival Sónar in Barcelona. I’m writing this from the pro area where we today and yesterday have been meeting some of the most important people of the scene. But it’s nothing like “all work and no play”, the Beatport party at a hotel rooftop yesterday was one of the best ever and both Radio Slave and Sebo K was totally rockin’ it. If you’re in Barcelona, a music pro, and reading this, do give us a call. In the meantime, we will be in the clouds.

Update: The first ones to name at least two of the SoundClouder’s that are in the picture will win a pack of our new kick-ass stickers.

  • mies

    I bit late reaction but I would love to have some SoundCloud stickers to decorate the macbook with;-) I think I see Eric and Matas in the pic. Hope to see you guys at picnic btw, I’ll be there on wednesday!