This one goes to Thomas Andreak, a.k.a. Tanith

This one goes to Thomas Andreak, a.k.a. Tanith

It’s been a great last few weeks at SoundCloud, a ton of fun stuff going on in and around the cloud! A bunch of great musicians, bloggers, and labels have begun using our cloud tools on a day-to-day basis, and they seem to really dig it. And we’ve been working our asses off lately perfecting some hot new features that we’re proud to roll out today. The name of this release is Tanith, after the living Berlin techno legend who recently made an appearance in the brilliant documentary “We call it techno!” and… drumroll… on SoundCloud with a super-dark dubstep mover that we’ve heard over and over with terrified pleasure in the office lately.

Ok, now to the point! Without further ado we’d love to present the new SoundCloud player:

Yes, what you see is not a test–it’s the brand new sets widget player in action. Use it to put your music anywhere on the web with a simple cut-and-paste maneuver, from MySpace to blogs to your very own site. We’re also using some black magic behind the curtains to find out where players are embedded on the web, and soon you’ll be able to see details about this in the stats graphs for your tracks.

Also, we’ve got some news for all the people using our DropBox solution. You can now see with a glance on your dashboard if new stuff has been dropped in your DropBox since you last checked it.

And, oh yes, we now support more or less all formats in the known audio world. So, if you’re so inclined, please do share your audiophile 192Khz 32 bit little-endian PCM Stereo WAV files with your friends…

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