In yr profiles playing yr trax: SoundCloud Player for Facebook

In yr profiles playing yr trax: SoundCloud Player for Facebook


It’s time to expand the reach of your awesome tracks on SoundCloud even further. Our newest baby is called SoundCloud Player.

We know that a lot of artists has a profile (and even a page) on Facebook these days and we thought it could be nice to hot them up a bit with our player. So me & Eric spent two weekends hacking together a SoundCloud application. The app let’s you choose a track or a set from SoundCloud and display it on your profile or page, complete with timed comments, artwork, a crisp waveform display and all!

If you haven’t added it yet, do it here!

It’s built on top of the SoundCloud API which was easy to understand and makes developing applications like this really simple.

And, if you are interested in how to build your own applications using our API, start here. Checking how I did might be helpful, here is my code for download.

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