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David Kids wearing guerilla SoundCloud merch

Guerilla SoundClouder

The day before i moved down to Berlin and joined this awesome team I was in Stockholm and at Nytorget to have lunch. And I was certainly surprised when I spotted a child running around wearing a t-shirt that featured the logo of our little music pro service, SoundCloud. Sneaking around taking pictures of people’s children might not be one of the things I want to be associated with so the picture is quite bad. However, I think you can tell that It is indeed a fan-t-shirt.

The question still remains though, what is the little guys nick in the cloud? My guess is that It’s at least one of these three, what do you think?

Anyway, we get the point, t-shirts will soon be available.

Update: Latest rumors say that it’s The Subliminal Kid, but I can’t seem to spot the beard?