TapeCloud! Keep them mashups coming

TapeCloud! Keep them mashups coming

Update: TapeCloud has been taken down after a conversation with the founder of Muxtape. We hope to do a real SoundCloud integration with Muxtape instead soon enough.

The lastest addition to the list of apps built on the SoundCloud API is TapeCloud.

As you can see it’s heavily inspired by the excellent mixtape site Muxtape, and although they look very similar, the difference is major. On TapeCloud you can only add tracks from artists that has shared their music on SoundCloud and not upload own songs. So, basically it’s a very niched variant of Muxtape but might still be of some value for fans that like exploring music on SoundCloud and also for developers looking for examples of how to build audio/web-mashups.


All the code is open source and hosted it on Github so if you’re interested in checking out how it was done and maybe even make TapeCloud better, head over to the project and fork away!

Update: The name of the app changed from Luxtape to TapeCloud

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