Eric Will the Prince has arrived!

Will Oldham is better known as do-it-yourself punk-style-americana-folk-country singer Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. And the brand new version of SoundCloud that we just deployed is dedicated solely to him! There’s another Will that we also love and respect, and this one goes out to him as well…

The set views and players have gotten much love from Katharina and Matas. Now they are in great shape!

We’ve also been listening closely to your feedback regarding security for streaming audio and upload performance and have some big updates for that in the pipeline. So stay tuned for a featured-packed release coming up.

Today we’re also launching a screencast series created by our own in-house (that’s house as in deep house) superstar Yanneck. The first one launched today shows how to use SoundCloud to upload and send a track to somebody. It also features a moving version of our logo with music by office favorite Carl Borg (it’s from a private, unreleased track on SoundCloud, ask him if you’d like to listen to the full track). Here you go:

We also wrote up some guidelines for how and how not to behave on SoundCloud, we call them the Cloudlines.

And here’s a bonus video by the Prince for you:

  • Did you will add a function for playlist soundcloud tracks?

  • @input-selector hmm, not sure what you mean?

  • Andreas

    Is there a way to play all the songs on any page? I’m at work, I’ve got my headphones on, my bucci bag and I am ready to listen to all the tunes from my dashboard. In one go.

  • yo, go the ‘tracks’ section of the dashboard and simply press play, as you have played through one track, the next will start…

  • @ Eric : I would like to add the tracks from other users in a playlist but I can’t. I only just can add all my own tracks in a set if I want to share them in the same player.
    Excuse me for my English…

  • @input-selector right, this is not possible yet unfortunately. we haven’t planned for this type of functionality yet. you can however access tracks through our “API”, check, and with some flash programming skills you could build a player to display any tracks on soundcloud…