Sam unleashed

Sam unleashed

We’re of course talking about Sam Shackleton, one of the masterminds behind hyped dupstep label Skull Disco. Here’s a quote from a great interview with the man, where he motivates why he had to end their legendary London club night:

“I spend ages on the drum programming and chopping up, so I really need the time for that. I’m not a natural music maker. I love it, but I can’t bang out tunes like that, also I’m in my early thirties and just take more time to work things out than I used to, that and the fact that I’ve spent a lot of time destroying my brain cells one way or another.”

Sam in action at Sónar Festival 2008. Photo by Walter How.

In the Sam release, we’ve tweaked the main menu to make it more to the point. We’ve also put more focus on your tracks and sets under the “You”-tab, and added a new tab where you can check the looks of your public profile. You can also choose what you like to front your public profile with; tracks, sets, comments, favorites, who you are following or your followers. We’re now also showing how many people you are following and how many people who are following you in the public profiles.

We’ve also made album and track artworks clickable, so you can zoom them in and have a closer look (Check this Himuro Yoshiteru song, for example). Also, the widget has “Buy”-buttons for all the tracks that you have added a buy-link to (here, for example is Trickski’s brand new Facebook page with the Facebook player in place).

Also, in the sidebar of this blog, you’ll find our newly added mini Twitter feed.

And last, but not least, we’ve got screencast number two ready for you. This time Yanneck talks about how you can customize the frequency and amount of emails you get from the cloud by tuning your email notification preferences. This is time the sound logo soundtrack is from an unreleased tune by Forss.

SoundCloud: Customizing E-mail Notifications from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

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