Receive tracks, now also through Facebook

Receive tracks, now also through Facebook

As you might know we have a feature on SoundCloud that we call the DropBox. It let’s anyone send you mixes, tracks and sounds right to your SoundCloud account using our slick and easy uploader. The feature is especially useful for labels that receive a lot of demos but also for ex. music bloggers that get’s a lot of music sent their way.

DropBox on Facebook
Some two weeks back we built a small app for Facebook to enable putting the DropBox widget on your profile and pages in an easy way. So if you want friends and fans to send you music the Facebook way, head over to the app and install it.

Install the SoundCloud DropBox!

And by the way, I hope you haven’t missed that you can have both your sets and single tracks on Facebook aswell, complete with timed comments, a crisp waveform and all!

Get the SoundCloud Player here!

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