Monthly Archives: September 2008

Eric SoundCloud+Fluid=True

From the nice-to-have department: We’ve added full Fluid support to SoundCloud, which means that you now with a few easy clicks can turn SoundCloud into a standalone desktop app on Mac OS X. We’ve added support for Growl so that timed comments show up as notifications complete with user images when you play back a track, you’ll also see a nice Apple Mail-style badge for your unread messages in the dock, and last but not least Katharina made a super-slick desktop icon for it. Nils put together a quick screencast so that you can see it in action:

Eric Carly release out feat. contact lists

It’s been another two hardcore work weeks at the SoundCloud HQ and the result is out now in the form of the Carly release, after NYC-based Carly Simon (famous at the office for her 1982 hit ‘Why’).

The big one for this release is the first version of contact lists. Yep, that’s right, the feature many of you have been craving for since months is now alive and kicking on the site. You can now manage your own contact lists of collaboration partners, VIP DJs, journalists, A-list music bloggers, etc and share tracks with them in a click. You’ll find it under the ‘People’ tab. Simply go there, create a list, upload a track using the normal upload process or edit an already uploaded track, select ‘Lists’ under private sharing and select one or more lists you’d like to share to. That’s it, you’ve now shared the track to the whole list!

Also, with this release we’d like to introduce our next screencast where Nils is covering how the DropBox makes receiving music on your label page or music blog really easy. The brilliant SoundCloud moving logo music is from an unreleased track by Carl Borg.