Fat Countdown!? Big Day Coming Up!

Fat Countdown!? Big Day Coming Up!

Have you noticed the big, fat countdown on the front page? Wondering why it’s there? And what happens when it reaches 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds?

Well, the answer is… we’re opening up!

Yes, you heard right, SoundCloud will go public next Friday night when the clock strikes midnight. This means that your public tracks will be accessible from the outside world and that your friends will be able to sign up for an account without an invite!

And of course there will be a party. With some great music. We’ll announce the artists one by one on this blog starting tomorrow. Please do let us know if you want to come. We’re so much looking forward to dance with you guys.

Along with the countdown, we’ve expanded our tour page with a little video showing what the cloud is capable of these days. We got some serious help with the voiceover by Berlin-based house connoisseur and DJ, Michelle Owen. And the backing music is by no less than Trickski. Check the fab result right here:

To all our beta testers we just want to say: We. Love. You. The feedback you’ve shared with us has been invaluable. And you’re the ones making it so great to hang out in the cloud.

Again, big, Big, BIG thanks. Now let’s take SoundCloud to the next level.

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