#2 James Blonde

#2 James Blonde

Nils, one of the guys here at SoundCloud, is a big fan of the israeli techno crowd and when we begun planning the party he insisted that we booked at least one of the Tel Aviv guys. He got his will through and the booker that helped setting it all up is also playing records. We proudly present:

James Blonde (MBF, Konsequenz, Berlin)


James Blonde the person behind Sweat Lodge is not only a person with a sense of music but has been a musician himself for quite some time. He started making music in the 80’s with wave bands in Tel Aviv and moved to Los Angeles as lead singer and guitar player for Grunge bands. In the end of the glam days of LA he played notorious clubs such as `Whisky A Go Go` and `Roxy` on the sunset Strip. After a visit to Tel Aviv for the millennium party and seeing what the great club scene Tel Aviv had to offer those days, he turned onto electronic music and started to manage Tel Aviv´s ´Vox´ club. At this time he got to know Chaim who was resident DJ at the ´Vox´ club. Soon after they started to produce together and found their project “James Blonde Experience”. Today releasing under Chaim & James Blonde they have two releases on the label My Best Friend. As each pursued a solo career expect new solo releases from James on MBF and Sweat Lodge as well as an upcoming DJ dates.

Biography from Resident Advisor

Here is one of his kickass tracks:

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