ReBirth 2008: Hobnox Audiotool

ReBirth 2008: Hobnox Audiotool

We don’t normally blog about other products here, but we feel we have to make an exception, because the new version of the Hobnox Audiotool is just a little bit too cool to not blog about. It gives you a pair of 303:s, an 808, and a 909 plus a bunch of effects–right in the browser. The audiotool is like a flashback of ReBirth 303, one of the first software synthesizer tools to gain huge popularity when it was released back in 1996. Now you can do all that ReBirth did–and much more–in the browser. And you can bounce your songs straight back to the web as well. We’re of course hoping that it will be possible to bounce songs directly to SoundCloud someday, we’ll see…

You’ll need the latest Flash plugin, version 10, that was released yesterday. And this is also an opportunity for us to say that SoundCloud now is fully-Flash 10 compatible. So don’t hesitate to download the update.

Here are some demos on what can be done with the audiotool:

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