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SoundCloud Remixes Everywhere–This Time for John Dahlbäck

You’re all going to have to pull a few late-nighters in the studio this month because those remix competitions are everywhere – quite literally! Hot on the heels of last week’s Jazzanova Remix Competition, we’re pleased to tell you about another opportunity to flex your remixing muscles. This time round the world’s largest online dance music retailer Juno has teamed up with London-based Cr2 Records to give you the chance to re-work John Dahlback’s massive electro-house single ‘Everywhere’.

The parts, including vocal, synths, guitar and vocal are nice and simple so we’ll be keeping a keen ear out for the most interesting interpretations which Cr2 will be posting up on their Cr2 Remixed page. The label will be picking 4 winners, one from each of the following genres: Electro, House/Tech, Techno, Drum & Bass. These will be released on the commercial digital release of ‘Everywhere’ in January 2009. And if this honour wasn’t enough, there’s also some great prizes up for grabs from ourselves, Ableton and Juno.

To enter you’ll need to get the parts from Juno Download, get creative and then submit your remix to the CR2 Remixed DropBox. You’ll find the full details here. And hurry, all entries must be in by December 14th.

Eric Jazzanova Does Remix Contest on the Cloud

Jazzanova RemixWe’re really excited to tell you that Jazzanova are doing a remix contest for their new single ‘I Can See’ on SoundCloud. We just had a listen through the parts and it really sounds like a fun remix project to work on. Ben Westbeech does a great job on the vocals and it seems one could do fun stuff with the piano backing track. The original tune is really good as well! Check and download the samples for yourself here:

To start working, just head over to the Jazzanova remix site, register with your email, download the parts and drop your mix in the DropBox. The Jazzanovas will then listen through and comment directly on your track! The deadline is January 15th.

A bunch of nice prizes (including Ableton Live licenses and SoundCloud PRO accounts…) are waiting for the lucky winners- and on top the chance of a digital release on Berlin-based label Sonar Kollektiv. The remixes will be presented on the Jazzanova website and Soundcloud. And the winner of the competition will be picked by the Jazzanovas themselves.

Oh, and here’s the video for ‘I Can See’:

UPDATE: The remix contest has been extended, the deadline is now 15th of January.

Eric Speedy J Does Open Collaboration–Call For Parts!

Speedy J (Jochem Paap) is doing an interesting project that we really like. It goes by the name of Open Collabs, and it’s a sort of über-collaborative album where Speedy J will take the stuff you send him and work it into new pieces consisting of many small fragments provided by the community and Mr. Paap himself. The finished album will be release on his label Electric Deluxe, and profits will be shared with all artists appearing on it 50/50. If you want your material to be on the album, you must submit your parts before December 1st. So head over to the Open Collabs site to register! You can then discuss the project directly with Jochem over at our forum. There’s also a FAQ if you need to know more specifics.
Here are some examples of what you could send:

What’s really cool is that the entire process of creating this album is supported by SoundCloud. Speedy J uses the DropBox for receiving parts, the player to display the works in progress and the API to visualize the process of creation…

Needless to say, we’re really looking forward to hearing what comes out of this!

Btw, if you check out the Open Collabs DropBox, you’ll notice that it looks really fresh. That’s because he’s using a new feature that we launched today for PRO Max and Medium accounts called “branded DropBox”. It gives you full control of the appearance of your DropBox. If you have a PRO Max or Medium account you can enable it here. More on this coming soon!