Updates First Week of 2009

Updates First Week of 2009

We’ve spent the last few days working on a few updates and fixes to the cloud. Good news is they are now online. Bad news is that the site still is slow at times, but we are ON that one. Here are the most important updates just released:

  • You can now download tracks without being logged in to SoundCloud. We’ve received many requests for this, so it feels great that it’s now possible.
  • You can now add new sets from scratch, simply by going to your sets page and click Create A New Set. You can then upload new tracks to the set directly, or add already uploaded ones.
  • Type-ahead search for people in the private sharing contacts picker and contact list is much faster, especially if you have many contacts.
  • Some important issues with sets sharing were fixed. Clicking individual tracks in the emails being sent out for private sets will now work. Also, deleting sets works in all situations.

This is just for starters. We’re really happy to be back, taking SoundCloud to the next level in ’09. And again, we wish you all a great year using it as well!

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