Quentin Release Is Out!

Quentin Release Is Out!

We’ve just launched a new release of SoundCloud that we call Quentin, after that french guy who’s probably most known for this track:

Development of this new version has been going on for a while now, and it’s mostly been about behind-the-scenes stuff, like making the transcoding of audio files really fast even though we have thousands of files uploaded per day, making complex pages really snappy, and completing the upgrade of our servers.
The biggest and most visible changes to the site have already been live for a while (the multi-track uploader, gifts, and volume control), but there are also a number of smaller things that we’ve launched, like the pretty “I’m on SoundCloud” badges, and of course a bunch of bugfixes.

Now that we’re running on a much more scalable setup you can expect more significant feature updates coming in the next few weeks. We’ve got some mighty cool stuff cooking so stay tuned!

UPDATE: Our list of hot tracks is now back as well. Check it out!

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