Monthly Archives: March 2009

Eric New feature: Report this track

It’s monday and we’re happy to announce that you can now “report” tracks on SoundCloud, so if you for example find a track that smells like spam or a copyright infringement or doesn’t comply in some other way with our community guidelines, you can let us now and we’ll take a look. This feature is also useful for reporting tracks with poor audio quality or other glitches. This is how it looks:


That’s it, hope you like it!

Eric New WordPress plugin for quick SoundCloud embedding

We’re pleased to announce that there’s a new plugin called VisualSound that let’s you embed the SoundCloud widget quick and easy on any self-hosted WordPress blog. To make the widget appear in your blog, you can write something like this:

Where “rich-jones” is the permalink for the artist on SoundCloud and “rich-jones-storm” is the track permalink. The result is:

The plugin has a number of other options for embedding sets, our DropBox and even the Cloudplayer. It also has a whole configuration panel for setting default color of the widget, and more. Big thanks to Wildchild for creating the plugin!

Update: This plugin is outdated, please check the updated WordPress Shortcode Plugin here and read or recent blogpost about the full WordPress integration.