Monthly Archives: March 2009

Eric SoundCloud gets Twitter Integration

It’s about time: SoundCloud now has super-smooth Twitter integration. It means that SoundCloud can now automatically post a Tweet when you upload either a new track or set to SoundCloud! Simply go to your settings and connect your Twitter account with SoundCloud (No need to put in your Twitter password, since Twitter now has oAuth support!)…


… click “Allow” …


… and the next time you upload a tune SoundCloud will post this to your Twitter stream. Neat!


Eric QC Mixtapes and the Mixcloud

It’s great to see all the cool stuff people are building on the SoundCloud API and our widgets. Here’s one project that we’d like to highlight, it’s a mixtape site called QC Mixtapes and they have a feature built on SoundCloud called the Mixcloud. Here you can browse mixes from different genres in a really smooth way. If you’re a DJ and you’re reading this you can easily submit your mix to the site by sending a message to QC Mixtapes on SoundCloud with a link to your mix on SoundCloud.
Here we are browsing the ‘funk’ genre:


Here’s the single page for a mix:


They’ve also built a Facebook app, so you can share mixes you like there.


All in all, great stuff!

Eric SoundCloud has been redesigned!

We’re really please to be able to announce a complete redesign of SoundCloud today, headed by our mega-interaction designer Katharina. We’ve made a great effort to optimize the site for speed and usability even further, addressing most of the major areas of the site. Below is a list of the big things that have been improved:



The dashboard has been made both leaner and smarter. The new design fits more content into the page and groups items by users in a clever way so that you’ll find the important stuff faster. A convenient “Show more” button in the footer will show you more content without leaving the page.



The player has been torn apart into molecules and put back together again: it’s now snappier, has better contrast and adding timed comments is a lot smoother.

Single track & set pages


The single track pages have gotten a major re-design to make more space for the waveform, yet better displaying relevant metadata.


Search is faster, and gives more relevant results thanks to our new hotness algorithm.


A lot has happened behind the scenes as well, and you should be seeing radically faster average loading for many pages and actions on SoundCloud now!

So that’s it! The new release is named after Miguel (aka Kid 606) who was in our office a couple of weeks ago when we got interviewed by Groove magazine. Why not go and take it for a spin?