The SoundCloud Ruby Gem – Perfect for integration with Ruby/Rails-based applications

The SoundCloud Ruby Gem – Perfect for integration with Ruby/Rails-based applications

Johannes Wagener, our new super-skilled backend developer has just created a fully functional ruby gem for SoundCloud. So if you’re building any kind of Ruby-based application it just got a whole lot easier to add an integration with SoundCloud. With a few lines of code you can do stuff like:

  • Add an Export-to-SoundCloud feature to move audio from your application to SoundCloud. This can be added for any web- or desktop based app, like e.g. on FiRe. This feature is great for, say, audio editors or music creation software–web or desktop-based.
  • Move audio tracks along with their metadata–including private tracks and sets–from SoundCloud to your application, like e.g. Digital-Tunes is already doing. This is great if you are, say, a download shop and want to add the ability for labels and artists to upload directly to you.
  • Log in to your application using SoundCloud (using our oAuth-based authentication), like on SoundCloud Upload Front. Leverage the almost 150 000 strong community of artists and labels using SoundCloud for your own application.
  • And much, much more…

soundcloudfrontThere is a cool open-source demo application showing off the SoundCloud Ruby Gem called SoundCloud Upload Front that is hosted for free on Heroku. It let’s you login using your SoundCloud account and upload tracks to SoundCloud from any public URL on the web.

We’re really excited to see what you will build with this! And please do let us know if you have questions,

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