Richie Hawtin using SoundCloud DropBox

Richie Hawtin using SoundCloud DropBox

Fellow Berliner Richie Hawtin has always kept himself at the forefront of music technology ever since his rise to the top of the electronic music scene in the 90’s. He’s well known for his early use of laptops and digital mixing equipment, from the development of Midi enabled DJ mixers such as Allen & Heath’s Xone92 & 3D mixers, to Final Scratch DJ technology. More recently he helped launch a Twitter app for Traktor that tweets the details of tracks as he plays them in his live sets.

So it’s a sign of the times that he’s now using the SoundCloud DropBox to receive DJ promos for himself and artist demos for his label Minus.

Thanks to some changes to the way existing users can drop tracks to each other it’s now simpler than ever to do. There’s no need to upload again to someone’s DropBox, the sender can simply select one of their existing tracks.

So, if you’re a DJ, label or journalist, make things easy for yourself and the people sending you tracks… start using your DropBox today.

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