SoundCloud player in forums (5-step guide for SoundCloud BB code)

SoundCloud player in forums (5-step guide for SoundCloud BB code)

Forums have always been great places for fans and producers to congregate and talk about the music they love. Whether it’s forums about specific genres, production tips or music software there are a lot of thriving communities out there. And SoundCloud is all about moving your music to where you really need it; to all the places where you want to discuss, share and play it. So here’s a short 5-step guide to show you how to allow SoundCloud tracks to be directly embedded into forum posts. It takes two minutes.

Note, to do this you’ll need to have administrative rights of the forum. If you’re just a user then you might want to send your admins a link to this post and ask nicely!

1) Go to your Admin Control Panel, then click on ‘Add New BB code‘ option under ‘Custom BB Codes‘.

2) Enter the following info into the form fields:

Title: SoundCloud

BB Code Description: Share a track or playlist you found on SoundCloud

BB Code Tag Name: soundcloud

Use Option in tag?: No

Prevent other BB Codes from running?: Yes

Replacement: <iframe width=”600″ height=”450″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”{content} &amp;auto_play=false&amp;visual=true”></iframe>

Some implementations might use {param} instead of {content} – refer to your documentation if you’re unsure.!

Dialogue text: Share a track or playlist you found on SoundCloud – simply paste the track or playlist URL.!

BBCode Example: !

Description:Embed the tracks from SoundCloud into your post. Use the track URL in your browser. For example, for it would be: 

3) Include a Button Image. (Note: this is optional but you should upload that image to your own server and host it from there:

4) Here’s the how it should all look:

BBCode visual


5) Now, click ‘Save‘ and that’s it! Your users will have a SoundCloud button in their post forms now. They simply click on the cloud button and paste their track URL address.

vBulletin Demo - Reply to Topic

P.S. If you’re a forum software developer yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us at or SoundCloud Google Group. There is potential for more advanced forum integration with SoundCloud.

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