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SoundCloud Here's SoundDrop!

The DropBox is one of the main ways for people to distribute their tracks to SoundCloud users – whether that’s labels receiving demos, DJ’s receiving promos or studios receiving masters etc. For many it’s become an essential part of their daily workflow. And so naturally the DropBox feature received a lot of attention by a couple of projects at Music Hack Day.

As we wrote about earlier this week, our API allows developers to build lots of cool tools to make doing the things that you need to do on SoundCloud much easier. One such tool that we wanted to get you excited about today is a new app called SoundDrop. Developed at Music Hack Day by Greg Lloyd, Arthur Carabott and Robin ‘DonkDJ‘ Watson, SoundDrop makes it easy for users to audition the tracks in their DropBox in one go by taking a carefully selected sample of each track and combining them as a single track in your SoundCloud account.

It’s not quite ready for primetime yet but we wanted to whet your appetites nonetheless. Here’s a quick teaser video so that you can check it out. Tell us what you think.

SoundDrop Screencast from SoundDrop on Vimeo.

Eric SoundCloud iPhone Music Visualiser

Another great hack created during Musichackday in London was the iPhone Music Visualiser by Matt Biddulph and George J Cook. It’s a pretty cool music visualizer for the iPhone that let’s you browse tracks on SoundCloud (using our API) and then launch a custom visualiser for a track of your choosing on your iPhone.

The visualiser is actually sending the track over to Echonest, a great audio analysis web service, and uses that data to drive the cocos2d-based visualisation. Check out the video to the right to see it in action! Note for example how the particle systems grow bigger once the track loudness goes up.

The project is open-source so feel free to go and fork it for your own needs.

Eric The Sound of the Cities – Presenting

One of the coolest mashups that came out of the Music Hackday was definitely, built by Henrik Berggren and David Kjelkerud. is a really great way of tuning in to the contemporary sound of cities around the world.


The tracks and city information is fetched from the SoundCloud API–in fact the list of cities and tracks is even updated in real time as new tracks roll into SoundCloud. Additionally, pictures for each city are fetched from Flickr.

citysounds-3Try listening to Tunapuna, Trinidad for danceable tropical rhythms or to Belgrade for some of that eastern Europe progressive. It’s surprising how distinctive cities sound around the world!

We should also mention that is built with Ruby on Rails using our excellent Ruby Gem. The gem makes it a breeze to integrate SoundCloud into your application. You can read more about it over at Github.