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Another week, another blogging service integrated to the Sharing option on SoundCloud. This week’s guest:

Here’s your step-by-step guide to show you how easy it is to share your favorite tracks, sets and group sets to your blog hosted on

Let’s start by looking at the Share options where you’ll see the Blogger logo:


Now when you click it, we’ll ask you to authorize SoundCloud to connect with your Blogger account (you can always change the authorization settings in your Blogger/Google account):


By clicking Go to Authorization, you’ll be redirected to the Google page (shown below) where you simply click Grant access. Once the access was granted, we will take you back to the page on SoundCloud to continue with your post.


In the window pictured below, you’ll be able to edit your post title, add tags and write more about the track/set/group you wish to post. You can also save the post as a draft if you don’t want it to get posted immediately.


Click Post and – Ta-da – you just blogged a SoundCloud track:


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