Remix Röyksopp's 'Tricky Tricky'

Remix Röyksopp's 'Tricky Tricky'

‘Tricky tricky’ remix compEver wanted to take a shot at remixing a track from the amazing Röyksopp (who are, by the way, long-time SoundCloud users)? Well now is your chance.

Yesterday, Röyksopp announced a remix competition for their track Tricky Tricky, saying:

We feel that track “Tricky Tricky” has so much potential, it deserves a life outside the album. Not only is this a chance at beating us at our own game, you also get to mess around with Karin Deijer-Andersson’s (The Knife, Fever Ray) extraordinary vocals! Now, how about that?!?

Yeah! So, what next?

  • Check the original track below and download the raw files
  • Remix Tricky Tricky
  • Submit your remix to your country’s group (Note: the competition is limited to participants living in the following countries: UK, US, Norway, Australia, Germany and France)
  • Spread the word and invite your friends to listen

Tricky Tricky Remix Parts by Royksopp

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