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David New feature: Push to other Social Networks

We’re excited to share the news with you about a new feature we just launched. We weren’t quite sure how to name it so we’re just going to call it “Push to other Social Networks” as it best describes what it actually does. With this new feature you can easily manage on what social networks other than SoundCloud you’d like your events (new favorites and new public tracks & sets) to get published. We currently support Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Here it is:


Find this feature in your Extensions settings. As you can see, the variety of settings gives you full control of what you’d like to see pushed to your other social profiles. You can also customize the messages for Facebook and MySpace to give it a personal touch.

Bild 2

As an admin of one or more Facebook Pages, the cool thing is that you can also select the pages you want your events to be pushed to from the menu highlighted below. So if you’re an artist with your own Facebook Page you can automatically push events to your personal and to your artist profile. It’s a brand-new feature that Facebook only made available a few days ago. Pretty cool, huh!

Extensions - SoundCloud

Once you’ve uploaded a track, set or have favorited a track, it will automatically show up on your social network profile. Here’s how it looks in your Facebook stream:

Facebook Stream

Hat tip to our developer Johannes who spent the last couple of days building this feature. As always, please let us know what you think in the comments.

Update: Here’s the screencast explaining how it works:

SoundCloud We all wanna be Prince

felix_contest_admat We’ve got another remix competition to tell you about. With what started as an ode to Prince turned summer banger, Felix Da Housecat has teamed up with Karmaloop to give you a chance to put your own touch on the track and win prizes in the process. Interested? For more information on the competition and to download the parts please visit the site. The original is really rather catchy, so we’re keen to hear what you’ll be coming up with.

And we’re excited because this is one of the first remix comps to be using the SoundCloud ‘groups’ feature. By doing so all the entries are added to the group and can then be published and embedded anywhere using its embeddable player. The player is automatically updated every time a new track is added and approved to the group. There’s already mixes rolling in… check it out below.