Röyksopp Remix contest: Here are 850 new tracks for you!

Röyksopp Remix contest: Here are 850 new tracks for you!

Yesterday marked the closing date for Röyksopp’s Tricky Tricky remix competition. The band announced it little over a month ago and wow, what a fantastic turn-out! We’re happy to announce that exactly 849 tracks were submitted to the contest via the SoundCloud Group DropBoxes.

The winners will be announced the week of October 26th on Röyksopp’s website. In the meantime, listen to the submissions below and pick your favorite remix:

United Kingdom:

Röyksopp ‘Tricky Tricky’ remix competition UK

United States:
Röyksopp ‘Tricky Tricky’ remix competition USA

Röyksopp ‘Tricky Tricky’ remix competition Australia

Röyksopp ‘Tricky Tricky’ remix competition Germany

Röyksopp ‘Tricky Tricky’ remix competition Norway

Röyksopp ‘Tricky Tricky’ remix competition France

It’s great to see artists and labels using SoundCloud’s group features and the players for their remix competitions. If you need any assistance while setting up your own remix contest and would like to use SoundCloud, let us know – we’ll be happy to help.

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