Monthly Archives: October 2009

David Kicking off our monthly SoundCloud user chats today!


As we announced in yesterday’s newsletter, we will have our first SoundCloud user group chat today. Want to give us feedback, ask questions, meet other SoundCloud users or SoundCloud staffers? All that will be possible if you tune in today (Friday, October 2nd) at 6.00pm CET.

We’ve set up a chat room over at Tinychat and we’ll be waiting for you at 6pm sharp. Join us for a nice Friday afternoon chat (Berlin-time obviously), we’ll be having a beer and will answer all your questions for about an hour before jumping into weekend-mode.

Click here to join in, no need to sign-up or anything, just pick your nickname (preferably your SoundCloud username) and you’re all set.

We hope you can make it – we’re looking forward to this.

David FTW of the day: iPhone app SoundGrid lets you export to SoundCloud


What a nice surprise! Late last night, we received an email from SoundCloud user Vitaliy Pronkin informing us that he just added a SoundCloud integration to the iPhone app he developed: SoundGrid. Here’s what it does:

SoundGrid aims to be the most advanced matrix sequencer for iPhone / iPod Touch to create stunning audio-visual performances in a moment and wherever you are. It was inspired by famous Yamaha Tenori-On and popular ToneMatrix webapp by André Michelle.

That is so cool! We’re big fans of the Tenori-On and André has been a long-time SoundCloud user and friend. We’re psyched to see Vitaliy bringing all of this together. He goes on saying:

In the last version ability to record tracks was added and obviously I decided to support direct export to Soundcloud (thank you for great service btw). All exported tracks can be found here and also there’s special group to which users encouraged to add their creations.

SoundGrid export to SoundCloud

Below, you’ll find a couple of examples – of course – in a SoundCloud player. Nice!

Watch the video to see the app in action:

Very well done, Vitaliy! Thanks for the heads-up on this one and for the support to export to SoundCloud. We’re stoked.