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David Announcing a Cocoa Streaming Library

It’s time for yet an announcement for all you API lovers out there; a library making it really easy to implement SoundCloud streaming in your Cocoa apps. It’s built specially for the iPhone SDK 3.+ but should work for desktop Mac apps as well.

The library is a vital part of the SoundCloud iPhone app and will be used in the upcoming CitySound iPhone app as well. It’s written by Ullrich Schäfer and open source under the Apache License version 2.0.

CitySounds iPhone

To sum up, this library…

  • makes it easy to implement the non trivial task of streaming audio in Cocoa apps
  • nicely integrates with the existing Cocoa wrapper for the SoundCloud API
  • supports streaming of public and OAuth protected tracks
  • fits in commercial apps as well as music hack day mashups etc.

Head over to github and check out the source code along with the demo application.

Feedback, questions, and suggestions are welcome in the SoundCloud API Google group!

SoundCloud Announcing the SoundCloud Widget Javascript API

A lot of developers asked for it and now you can has it: programming level access to the SoundCloud Widget Player.

Via the new Widget API you can access functions like play and pause, show additional info about the currently playing track on your page or even hide our widget and create your own JavaScript based interface for it.

Check out this demo and some code examples. It only takes a few lines like:

soundcloud.addEventListener('onPlayerReady', function(player, data) {
  console.log("widget ready, let's play");

The Widget API also integrates nicely with the popular JavaScript frameworks jQuery and Prototype.

The source code is available at github together with the documentation.

We’re curious to hear what you think so please post feedback and feature requests in our Google group. You are also welcome to contribute to the project if you think there’s something missing.

David Saturday Sweets: More Bling Bling for your audio

You’ve probably discovered them by now and we’re super-excited about all the feedback you’ve given us so far:

Our two new widgets.

They’re called the Mini and Artwork player and come o top of the standard Waveform player that has been around for some time. We built these two new widgets based on your suggestions from the past couple of months.Bildschirmfoto 2009-11-14 um 16.19.38

To grab one of the players, find the track or set you would like to embed, click “Share” and “Customize Player”. This will open a panel in which you can select the player you want and also customize the general appearance and size to make it fit in nicely with the design of your artwork or website.

The Artwork Player focuses entirely on the image artwork you upload for with a track or set and comes with all usual info and additional options like download and buy links. Perfect for showcasing your album. Here’s Fever Ray’s latest self-titled album:

The Mini Player is quite the opposite and reduces the player to a single line of text (track or set title and your username). Clicking the Play button will reveal the waveform, only slightly smaller than usual:

Sexy, aren’t they? Check this out.

Both new players come with each of our Premium accounts.

Kudos to our kick-ass frontend duo Katharina and Matas for a job well done.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!