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David Friday Sweets: Drag and drop uploaders

Tuesday’s Taylor release revealed two new apps built by our friends Christian Stropp and Dorian Roy. The apps are built on top of the SoundCloud API and are very similar in terms of features – letting you upload audio to your SoundCloud account by simply dragging and dropping files onto the apps.cloudpost

  • Christian’s app is called CloudPost and works on Mac OS 10.5 or later.scuplogo
  • Dorian’s app is called Scup and works on both Windows and Mac OS but you need to have Adobe AIR installed.

Note that these apps are not maintained by SoundCloud. Please send feedback and bug reports to Christian and Dorian. Also, CloudPost is open source if you want to contribute to the project.

The first time you launch your desktop uploader you need to connect the app with your SoundCloud account.


Just click the button and you are automatically forwarded to SoundCloud where you can allow access to your account.


Note that the app is not storing your SoundCloud password. Instead it gets a temporary key that you can make unusable anytime by revoking the access on your account settings page. This is good if you for instance work temporarily on someone else’s computer.


Once the app is authorized you can start dragging files onto the drop window.


The files are uploaded automatically but set to private by default so no one can access them until you hit “Send Set”.


You can add information and drag artwork onto the image box. You can also add more tracks by dragging files onto the application.


If you make the set private you can enter email addresses to the people you want to share with.


When you are done with the settings, hit “Send Set” and the set ends up on your account page.


We think these apps are pretty cool and would like to thank Christian and Dorian for developing them! Try it out and let them (and us) know what you think.

David Thursday Sweets: Keep it in the family with the Secret Link

Private sharing of your tracks and sets has always been a pretty easy thing to do on SoundCloud. I recently had the chance to speak with Aaron Albano (aka Ming), who as a producer based in NYC, has used these private sharing features during the production of one the new tracks by Aussie band Youth Group (make sure to check out this great video to see Ming talk about the experience). He loved the idea of the Secret Link and said it would definitely make things even easier.

With the Taylor release, we pushed a new feature called Secret Link. It really does what it says: upload a track or set, generate a secret link and simply pass it on via email or instant messenger. We think that will come in quite handy especially when sharing with people who are not on SoundCloud or not as tech-savvy as we all are. Here’s what it looks like:

Edit My Private Track - SoundCloud

And here’s how it works:

You’ll find the feature in your track or set settings. Simply check the box “Enable Secret Link” and don’t forget to save the settings at the bottom of the page to activate the link. Copy and paste this link and share it via email, instant messenger or make it a temporary exclusive to your followers on Twitter or Facebook.

To deactivate the Secret Link, click the circled arrow on the right and the link will be made redundant.

The Secret Link comes with all Premium accounts starting with new yearly account called ‘Lite’ for €29.

What do you think? Leave your feedback in the comments.

David Wednesday Sweets: iPhone app anyone? Right this way…


You were brave & patient, we released it yesterday:

The official SoundCloud iPhone app. Boom!

Being able to listen to and send your tracks from an iPhone app has been one of the things you requested most so we’re really excited that it’s finally here – and we hope you are too. We’ve teamed up with the fantastic iPhone app developing duo Gernot & Ullrich (who also share an office with us) to release Version 1.0 of the app. Here’s what it will let you do:


  • Browse and listen to your own tracks or the tracks sent directly to you and your DropBox
  • Favorite tracks
  • Send tracks via email addresses from your local address book

So whenever you’re on the road or at gigs, meeting producers or folks interested in your tracks, the app allows you to send them your tracks straight from where you are. Commuting to and from work? Check out the latest tracks sent to you from the people you follow and from others and favorite them right in the app. Cool? We think so too.


The app comes for €0,79 or $0,99 and you will be directed to the app store by clicking this link. Go ahead and test it, rate it and leave feedback in the app store.  Also please come back here and post your feedback in the comments. We can’t wait to hear what you think, let us know and help shaping Version 2.0 of the app.

As I type this, the app currently ranks #2 in Ireland, #7 in Germany, #8 in the UK, #4 in The Netherlands, #6 in Sweden and #27 in the US (all in the category paid music apps). Let’s push it to the top so tweet it, blog it, spread the word.

Thanks so much!