The Everybody – Wants You!

The Everybody – Wants You!

Now here’s a remix competition, but with a rather interesting twist. Joey Santiago and David Lovering from Pixies (one of the most influential American alternative rock bands of the late ’80’s) have a new band called The Everybody, and a new album called Avatar. As you’d come to expect nowadays they’re going to be doing some pretty cool things with the album release. And this is where you and SoundCloud come in…

The album is being made available exclusively at The Everybody website as a Creative Commons licensed, royalty-free package of lossless stems. The band are selling this package for $40 (via our friends at Topspin), which might at first sound like quite a bit but in fact you’re actually getting a lot. The stems are licensed and royalty free which means you can make your own version and (as long as you’re providing attribution back to the band) you can in theory make lots of money selling whatever you’ve created. We think that’s pretty badass!!

Not only that, but you can also submit your creation to SoundCloud for review by the band. Once David and Joey have had a chance to check out all of the tracks they’re going to choose the best of the best of these new creations and turn them into an album called The Everybody Else and release it as a limited-edition gatefold vinyl alongside the originals in Spring 2010.

So… what to do next?

1) Watch the highly entertaining infomercial (above)

2) Head on over to the band’s rather nice website to purchase the extended lossless album that comes with all the Creative Commons licensed royalty free stems

3) While you’re on the site don’t forget to pick up the free bonus tracks here

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