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David Year's End Staff Picks As A Cloud Player Playlist

It’s that time of the year again! Best Of lists are popping up everywhere on the webbernet and of course we’re joining the game. The SoundCloud staffers have selected their favorite bunch of tracks and would like to share them with you. Check them out below.

The Cloud Player

Also, we’ve collected all our favorites listed below into a playlist in The Cloud Player. If you don’t know The Cloud Player yet, don’t miss out and give it a try. It’s like an iTunes-ish version of SoundCloud and was built by our own Eric together with Henrik Berggren (who’s also behind on top of the API. Wicked cool. Access the SoundCloud staff playlist here. (requires a Google account for now).

Join the fun! We created a collaborative playlist where you can add your favorite SoundCloud piece of audio. Right this way, please!



It seems like it has been a big year for Dubstep (again) and next year looks quite bright for Joy Orbison too, having been included in the BBC Sound’s music of 2010 list. I first heard this track played by Radio 1’s Mary Anne Hobbs and was pleased to see his label Hotflush put it up in the cloud so I could get it in my favorites!

I discovered this track whilst writing a blog post about Up My Alley’s lovely label website. As well as their nice use of SoundCloud players across the site they also have some rather nice music too!

It’s really great to see Ninja Tune using SoundCloud so proactively as a label. And this happens to be one of my track’s of the year. I’m a big fan of Fink’s bluesy acoustic folk and saw him play at The Big Chill festival this year. Adding the atmospherics of Cinematic Orchestra makes this a perfect mix.

I don’t really know much about this track or the artist. But it popped up in my SoundCloud dashboard a couple of weeks ago as a friend who I was following had commented on the track and added it to their favorites. If you like the sound of artists like Burial then you’ll probably dig this. Take a listen.

SoundCloud isn’t just about music we have lots of field recordings, samples, interviews and other audio. This is a recording of one of my heroes, author Seth Godin, taken from his only lecture in London this year. It was an inspirational session and I was lucky enough to meet him afterwards. Read Seth’s wisdom daily at


Monumental remix of one of the best songs in the world

Old-schoolisch driving techno with great bass and killer saxophone, berlin dancefloor hit

Spooky dubsteppy beats from Utrecht, two killer tunes

One classic mashed with another. Bass at 1:26 is da bomb.

A stock flute sample taken to a new dimension. Bass is amazing on big floor speakers.


This short one by soundtrack composer Philip Shepard gets me every time. My calm-down-tune of the year.

Neil’s recent entirely self-produced album Shoreline is in my top ten records of this year. Brilliant song.

From one of my top three albums of the year. Listening to this record wants me to get drunk.

Swedish artists are awesome. José González is awesome. This remix is awesome.

Another highlight from Swedish band The Faux Noise. Love the bass line, reminds me of Lips Like Sugar from Echo & The Bunnymen or even of U2’s Zoo Station


Bliss, bliss, bliss. Swedish pop at its very finest.

Awesome track, and if you’ve seen the live show you can never forget it


Warm/Cold at the same time, really love *everything* they release

Its a Funky Spider Dance – What part of that don’t you get?

Total over-the-top-and-more dance floor early morning madness when Bloc Pary get a freeformfive Reform

So cool! An old recording from Gerald in his attic in chicago 1986!

Growling monster of a dance tune from Recloose, Impossible to be still

A Berlin Music Hack day hack from the youngest hacker



The beautiful and mysterious song that sounds like it was produced in 1920s

A good remix should add a new dimension to the original. It shouldn’t be possible with this song, but somehow it is.

One more melancholic female voice I couldn’t walk by. Definitely playing this on NYE pre-party!

When almost everybody forgot Rainer Trüby, suddenly he comes back with this house definition

My favorite new producer from Lithuania, Leon Somov did it in his spare time. Wow! It was a great year for him and whole Silence Records crew!


This track is a great example of the ongoing new-old-school house wave

A little borderline but the synths are really magic. Great mix tool

My friend teamed up with Holger Zilske and made this great track. Hope to hear more from them in 2010


You know that “wow-you-are-not-a-douchebag-after-all” feeling after meeting someone for the first time? I sure do. Ian is a good man, let him serenade you.

When you think LA, one of the last things that comes to (my) mind is heavy mnml techno/tech house. I’ve heard great things about Droid parties

I <3 Diplo, end of story. Punkt.

Sexy time music.

David The @CitySoundsFM iPhone App Unleashed

Remember the summer when was born during the first Music Hack Day in London? Only a month later, the Citysounds team released a first major update to the mashup before kicking off the work on the iPhone app during the Music Hack Day in Berlin in September. - The music of cities

Today, just a few months later, they’re finally ready to release the much anticipated Citysounds iPhone app. Listen to the sounds of your favorite cities while you’re on the road. We’re so excited and we hope you’re to!

If you don’t know Citysounds yet, it’s one of the most popular applications built on top of the SoundCloud API and lets you stream the latest tracks uploaded to SoundCloud by cities around the world. Sitting in London’s tube, tune in to the hottest tracks from Los Angeles. On the bus in Berlin, discover the sounds of Rio de Janeiro – right from your iPhone.

Here’s what the app will let you do:

  • Browse and listen to tracks from the most active and popular cities in the world
  • Locate the city you’re in and listen to the most recent tracks
  • Give your phone a shake and instantly be transported to a random place

citysounds04Head over to and get the App Store link to start browsing the sounds of the cities.

Massive props to the fine Citysounds team for its hard work on both the web and iPhone applications. Oh, and the boys also shared some secrets with us about what’s planned for the next version:

Version 2will let you save your favorite cities, search & browse all cities around the world and it will support social features for easy sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and while we’re at it: besides Citysounds, there are two other great applications to browse and discover music on SoundCloud: Tracks On A Map and The Cloud Player – both are also built on top of our API.


David Announcing a Cocoa Streaming Library

It’s time for yet an announcement for all you API lovers out there; a library making it really easy to implement SoundCloud streaming in your Cocoa apps. It’s built specially for the iPhone SDK 3.+ but should work for desktop Mac apps as well.

The library is a vital part of the SoundCloud iPhone app and will be used in the upcoming CitySound iPhone app as well. It’s written by Ullrich Schäfer and open source under the Apache License version 2.0.

CitySounds iPhone

To sum up, this library…

  • makes it easy to implement the non trivial task of streaming audio in Cocoa apps
  • nicely integrates with the existing Cocoa wrapper for the SoundCloud API
  • supports streaming of public and OAuth protected tracks
  • fits in commercial apps as well as music hack day mashups etc.

Head over to github and check out the source code along with the demo application.

Feedback, questions, and suggestions are welcome in the SoundCloud API Google group!