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SoundCloud Wrapping up this week’s SoundClouders of the Day

As you’re getting ready for the new year, have a listen to this week’s SoundClouders of the Day — last ones of the year!

Ordinary Breakfast
Composing music for short films with field recordings, analog synthesizers and other effects, Ordinary Breakfast is a one-man band. He creates experimental soundscapes through improvisations. Check it out!

Moon Reflecting
Empress Moon (also known as Moon Reflecting) is a lyricist and soulful composer. She has an organic style and sincere honesty in her lyrics. Have her music lift your spirits!

This Wednesday, we looked at the band, Strobelight! They’re based out of Mexico City and have a couple of new singles for you to listen to. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming album, Senseless Things, as well.

EΓΓ▲Γ CH!7D (aka Error Child) has been producing music since 2006, after he moved to Regensburg, Germany. He describes his music as “Nu Bitch Electro”. Listen below and decide for yourself.

Repeat Pattern
To end the week and the year, we had Repeat Pattern (or Circle vs Square) as our SoundClouder of the Day! He’s a hip hop artist based in Japan.

That’s it for this year. Have a great, safe New Year celebration tonight!

SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: NYC

Photo by guillenperez, found on Flickr

Before the new year starts, we decided to dive into New York City, USA! We picked one artist from each of its five boroughs: Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens. Enjoy the picks below!

Kyle Sullivan (Manhattan)
Outside of being a film student, Kyle Sullivan also makes music and does a great job of it. We asked him how he’s been liking SoundCloud and he replied, “I freakin’ love SoundCloud these days! Many of the artists I happen to like have profiles so it’s sort of a treasure trove for me.” We like hearing that!

Cheez Da Producer (The Bronx)
Don’t let Cheez Da Producer’s name fool you. He’s not only a producer but also a songwriter, composer, and instrumentalist. He does it all and does not compromise quality. Another fun fact about him is that he knew what he wanted to do in life before he could even tie his shoes!

Black Taxi (Brooklyn)
These guys are apparently the sons of sheep farmers, Mennonites, rail workers and Olympians — interesting, huh? What’s even more interesting is their music, which has been said to have the same characteristics as Daft Punk, The Clash, and Cake. Go on and have a listen.

Ben Sher (Staten Island)
Ben Sher is a qualified and very experienced musician. After years of studying jazz and classical music, Ben is now a professor who continues to play music on the side. He’s been all over the world and is based in Staten Island now, keeping busy with music and uploading to SoundCloud!

Roger Gomez (Queens)
From what we can tell, Roger Gomez is an experimental producer and composer who works on his own. The artwork used with his music is created by his brother and it suits the space-themed, out-of-this-world music that Roger creates. Hear for yourself below!

If you’re a user based in New York City, please join the SoundCloud Local NYC group and submit your tracks — we would love to hear them! Also, keep an eye on!

Looking for some more music from NYC? Check out!

Happy New Year to everyone! See you next year with more SoundCloud Local cities and other fun stuff.

SoundCloud This Week in Tumblr: Stratus player, SoundCloud app for Android, Atlanta SoundClouders, and getting ready for the Holidays

While you get cozy by the fire, check out what happened on SoundCloud’s Tumblr last week. We had an Android app release and more!


  • Stratus is a jQuery powered SoundCloud player that sits at the bottom (or top) of your website/blog and enables visitors to listen to SoundCloud tracks & sets. The best way to explain how Stratus works is to simply see it in action. Check it out here!
  • You spoke up and we listened! That’s right, there’s now an official SoundCloud app for Android! Head over to our WordPress blog to learn more and listen to the Weatherman message below!


  • Atlanta SoundClouders are taking their meetup to the next level with a remix contest — they’ll be remixing TRICIL’s new track The Emancipation! If you’re in Atlanta or will be there on January 18th, learn how you can contribute here.


  • Another thanks to everyone who submitted their tracks to the SoundCloud Christmas group! If you’re still in the spirit for Christmas tunes, check ’em out below!


  • We wished you Happy Holidays last week and the holidays aren’t really over yet, so Happy Holidays from the entire staff at SoundCloud, again!

We hope everyone has a great New Year and we’ll see you then!