Updated Facebook Application

Updated Facebook Application

Facebook is making some major changes to the way applications work on profiles and pages so we had to update our own application to meet the new (and ongoing) requirements. In short, Facebook is moving all in-page apps (aka boxes) to the tabs section of personal profiles and fan pages which means that you’ll need to update your SoundCloud Player and Dropbox apps.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find the SoundCloud Player App, search for the artist name and select the artist/track you’d like to add. You’ll get the best results by adding the direct URL of the user, track, set or group you’d like to add:

Selection2. Click ‘Save’ to add the player to the tabs section of your profile or page.

3. Go to your profile or page, ‘add a new tab’ and select ‘Tracks’ to add a proper tab. You can also move around the Tab to the spot of your choice:


That’s it, done (if you don’t see Tracks in the above box, type SoundCloud into the tab search field):

Tracks TabNote: Facebook will make some changes to its overall design (current ETA is late January postponed to February) and the Tracks tab will look much nicer than it does today. Also, we might add some other cool stuff to the Player app. Stay tuned.

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