SoundCloud + The Hype Machine = ♥

SoundCloud + The Hype Machine = ♥

hype-machine-logo We’re huge fans of the The Hype Machine at SoundCloud. And we have a sneaky suspicion that you might be too. Put simply, the The Hype Machine is the best place on the web to discover all the kick ass music that is being blogged about right now. They already use SoundCloud to host their fantastic radio show but we wanted to find a way to work more closely together. And we’re quite excited by the results.

The most important part of this is to tell you that The Hype Machine now detects SoundCloud players in the blogs that it aggregates. And as you probably know, the blog post and track are then sucked into the The Hype Machine. If you’re a blogger this means that you can use our players even more now and know that your post will show up on The Hype Machine.

This is exciting news in itself, but wait, it doesn’t stop there. When a fan listens to that track on The Hype Machine it’s actually streamed directly from SoundCloud. This means that if you’re the artist or label that has uploaded the track you’ll actually get stats on the number of times it has been played on The Hype Machine – as well as knowing exactly which blogs embedded your music in the first place. We’ve been busy building the most kick-ass stats for our users as possible and we think this is a great addition.

We think that this is all rather badass. The Hype Machine and the music blogs serve a massively important role in fans discovering new and exciting music. And it’s often the blogosphere that helps interesting new acts break to a wider audience. We’re thrilled to be part of that ecosystem, by allowing artists and labels to serve tracks directly to music bloggers via SoundCloud. And hopefully at the same time eliminating a lot of the hustle for the bloggers having to re-upload tracks to their own servers or use generic services like

Here’s just a few of the releases you should be getting excited about. Go blog about them!

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