Music Hack Day Stockholm

Music Hack Day Stockholm

A big hej hej from the Doberman HQ in Stockholm. We are very excited to be a part of Music Hack Day Stockholm. We have temporarily “moved” our office from Berlin to Stockholm for the Weekend to join the fun and excitement. (It’s a shame Alex couldn’t join us. We miss you!)

the SoundCloud team at the hackday

SoundCloud, along with other grrrreat companies (Spotify,, The Echo Nest, Playdar, and more) and generous sponsors (Sony Ericsson, Spotify, and more), is in Stockholm for “the best #musichackday eva!!“.

In  spirit with other Music Hack Days, we are here to explore, conceptualize, develop and present top-notch music applications. Woot.  Join us by following the live-feed provided by Doberman!

I (jc) will keep you guys updated with our progress through out the hackday.


Also check out some pictures: here and here.

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