Folsky Friday Fun: Stream The Communion Compilation

Folsky Friday Fun: Stream The Communion Compilation

The London & UK nu-folk scene around Mumford & Sons has been blooming in the past few years. Sigh No More was one of my favorite albums of 09 that I discovered on SoundCloud through Matt who with his company Stayloose has been a long time SoundCloud Pro Plus user and who amongst others, does digital PR for the Sons.

Compiled by Ben Lovett from aforementioned darlings Mumford & Sons, Communion is a compilation featuring 21 artists from the Communion Music roster which back in 2006 started as a collective of musicians and fans, providing a platform for new bands in London. In late 2009, Ben and Kevin founded Communion Music and now operate as a label while continuing the ever growing club nights around the world under the umbrella of the collective’s name.

Check out the compilation below and make sure to visit The Independent for two exclusive free downloads. Oh, and the Mumford’s just blogged about it too.

Communion is officially out on Monday March 1 so we invite you to a folksy weekend and hope you like what you hear. If you’d like to buy it, click here to place your order.

Enjoy your weekend, dear friends of The Cloud!

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